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Moving to Australia!

We’ve been working towards this move for over a year now, and it’s finally in the last stages.

We’ll arrive in our new home country in early November.

Things I loved about it when I visited last year:  The LIGHT, and I was inspired by many aesthetically pleasing things, and the way the light fell on them.  Here’s a taste of what I saw:


Here are the boats I photographed the other day – there is rather more water there now!

Today I collected so many great images to paint, that I hardly know where to start, which is a very good feeling!  (Though I will be good and finish my commissions first, of course.)

It was perfect timing too: as I finished up, the sun retreated behind that cloud layer, and the landscape became flat:

So I was very grateful.  I then retreated home, again as quickly as possible on my bike, (zooming past the many gridlocked cars – Oxford is a bit of a nightmare for drivers and bus users at the moment 🙁  I’m sorry for you drivers and bus users 🙁 Roads are closed, flooded, all over the place) and I endeavoured to warm up with 3 hot drinks in rapid succession.

So, now that I am thawed, I need to stop blogging and sorting out photos, and paint!!

Christmas Presents, Decorations and Cards!

Now that the weather is really mucky, I’m feeling quite festive!  Here’s some images of Flora de Ospina’s Christmas decorations, and some of my cards for good measure; oh and while I think of it, did you know, an Original Signed Watercolour, or even a Gicleé Print, makes a lovely Christmas present!!!

Angels and Bird decorations
Icicles, Holly, Star decorations

We are selling all this and more, at The Oxfordshire Christmas Art Market on Saturday 15th December 2012, Broad Street, Oxford.

Or order direct from our websites in time for Christmas.


Can you feel the cold?!  I could – seeping into ma bones!  I’m painting some landscapes of Port Meadow, Oxford, this week, so I’m collecting some images to work from.  After about 90 minutes of feeling my warmth slowly ebbing away, I stumbled back to my bike and cycled home as fast as I could to get my circulation going again.  Thank goodness for photography though!!  I think I’d have mould growing on me by now, if I was painting out there today 🙂

(At this time of the year, I’m glad to not live on a boat.  Pretty though, int it?  In a bleak and muddy sort of a way.)