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Port Meadow Sunset

These photos are taken as I bump along on my bike (and then beside my bike as it gets darker) beside the River Thames (ok Isis in Oxford) where it runs through the ancient Port Meadow.  Port Meadow has always been a meadow.  In the 10th century the “Freemen” of Oxford were given it and allowed to graze their cattle and horses on it, and they still do.  The herds wander the flat expanse in docile packs.

It is normally partially flooded, and as it got darker I missed one of the “low stone bridges laid over washes and ditches for the purposes of horseracing in the 18th and 19th century” and began to wade through mud.  I made it home though, and I’ve experimented with using the images for paintings – though they almost have too little information in them.  Still, it was an adventure, and a distinctly Oxford one.


Oxford University Museum of Natural History Entomological loan

Two of the boxes of insects that I have chosen from the Museum‘s “dross drawers”!  They have very kindly named them as best they could, in ordinary English (instead of Latin – next time I’ll go for the Latin!)

I get to keep them for a year, once I’d promised to look after them.

They did travel home with me on my bicycle, but I won’t mention that.  They didn’t look any different when they arrived home, I’m glad to say!

These images are scans done in the (very helpful and friendly) Entomological Department – I like them better than my own photos, they look more “museumy” 🙂