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Here are the boats I photographed the other day – there is rather more water there now!

Today I collected so many great images to paint, that I hardly know where to start, which is a very good feeling!  (Though I will be good and finish my commissions first, of course.)

It was perfect timing too: as I finished up, the sun retreated behind that cloud layer, and the landscape became flat:

So I was very grateful.  I then retreated home, again as quickly as possible on my bike, (zooming past the many gridlocked cars – Oxford is a bit of a nightmare for drivers and bus users at the moment 🙁  I’m sorry for you drivers and bus users 🙁 Roads are closed, flooded, all over the place) and I endeavoured to warm up with 3 hot drinks in rapid succession.

So, now that I am thawed, I need to stop blogging and sorting out photos, and paint!!