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I’ve finally finished some new pieces.  Phew!! – It’s taken a while to acclimatise to the new country and a new medium: oil painting; as well as working out what I want to paint and how to paint it.  I’ll appreciate any feedback.  [Though if you can be gentle, that will be nice – we’re trying to buy a house among other things and I’m feeling fragile..]

For full details of works including prices see: http://katyhood.com

Oil Painting

I wonder if anyone wonders what I have been up to, artistically, since we moved to Australia..?  Well, whether you wonder or not, I’m gonna tell you..

I’ve been thinking (and boring people by telling them..) that I would either branch out, or return, to painting in oils at some point.  So when we moved here, I found the best teacher I could, and got on with it.  David Moore did turn out to be a great teacher – people travel from all over to be taught by him, so I am lucky to have him here in my home town – and at the beautiful and interesting location of Montsalvat.

And so began my Monochrome Period..

To remind us how to paint form and space, and to re-familiarise us with handling the new medium, for the first two terms we painted in varieties of black and white.  This resulted in some fairly interesting images:

But then my favourite is when we are at last “allowed” to use colour!  Phew!!