New Work: The Sea

New Work: The Sea

I am excited to introduce my current artworks: paintings about The Sea. 

These works have resulted from inspiring walks which I have had not too far from our home in Victoria, Australia; these particular walks were all around Phillip Island.  When I’m on these walks I always feel uplifted, energised, and invigorated; so in my work I have principally aimed to recreate these feelings for the viewer. I have painted specific scenes from my walks, but my main aim is to bring these same feelings of freshness and invigoration to you.

I’ve loved using watercolour, and sometimes ink: the innate qualities of these mediums are well suited to painting water, and weather, and scenery.

I hope you enjoy them.  They are, of course, all for sale. 

Click on each image for further information about it, and for purchasing.

Katy Hood Art: Watercolour

My Creative Haven

My Creative Haven

Photo of My Studio in My Garden

My Studio in My Garden

My first studio! I’m so grateful to have a dedicated studio now! So far in my life I’ve fitted my art in, wherever, in my home, any corner.  Now we’ve insulated, lined, painted, cleaned, and I have a room of my own!  It’s at the end of our garden amongst mature eucalypts, with our chickens close by for light entertainment – they also make good life drawing models, as long as I draw super-fast.

My studio, and my home, is on the edge of the beautiful Yarra Valley, which is on the edge of Melbourne, so we’re surrounded by greenery – which I find I need – but also plenty of Arts and Culture.  And at last I can create, uninterrupted, for hours at a time.  This has been my aim for so long!

I also built the shed on the right from scratch – I’m pretty proud of that too.

Aboriginal Art.. ongoing deep appreciation..

Aboriginal Art.. ongoing deep appreciation..

I will always be in awe of good Aboriginal Art, and what a wealth of it there is! A good example is the amazing art of the Tjungu Palya Artists.

Here are some examples of visual references that I have collected from work for my own education, in this case to learn about how they build up the impression of depth in the painted surface, normally with a dark, sometimes earth-coloured, background.  These images were taken at the National Galleries of Victoria, and of Australia (in Canberra). The artists are too numerous to list as they often paint in groups, but I’m including these images here with sincere appreciation for their unique work, their unique use of colour and brushwork, and of course the unique depth of meaning, drawn from their personal and cultural histories, in the works.

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