Hi! I’m an experienced Artist, now working in the Art Departments of the Film & TV industry.

I’ve worked with most physical art media, and have a background in Digital Modelling and Garden Design. See examples below, and CV for contact info.

Katy Hood Outrun Props 2

2022 Feature Film:

Bespoke artwork for “a bohemian London flat” (+ in situ).

Katy Hood Outrun Props 1

2022 Film Props for Set Dressing

Driftwood decorations, fake bitten apples, wood carving & embroidered props in situ.

Katy Hood Outrun Props 3

2022 More Film Props

A selection of Props, Watercolours and Drawings for Set Dressing.

Katy Hood Architectural Scale Models of Sets 2021

Scale Models

Foamboard models of Sets.



In this case, hand-drawn pen & watercolour visualisations, of Bath Road Haus: a community-build project in Leith, Edinburgh; and concept art for “The Once and Future Witches” by Alix E. Harrow.

Katy Hood Graphics Film & TV 2022


For a recent CBeebies series & a feature film (2022).

Katy Hood Examples of Draughting for Set Design

Draughting for Set Design

Hand Draughting, and SketchUp and Layout digital Draughting

– I’m enjoying learning the fundamentals of digital draughting at the moment!

Katy Hood Mood Board Concept Tudor Weapons

Research and Mood Boards

I love finding out accurate background information and historic detail to inform my designs.


Realism made, drawn, painted, aged..

Katy Hood Props Examples: Edible and EVA Weapons

Edible Props, and EVA Foam Weapons.

Katy Hood Props: Spaceship and Canyon Design and Build

Design and Build:

A full size Spaceship Cockpit, and miniature flyby “Space Canyon” set.

Katy Hood Props: Fake Archaeology Drawings

Fake Technical Drawings:

Archaeology props for The Lost King release date 2022.

Katy Hood Props: Medieval Tiles and Decoration TLK

Handmade Clay Props:

Medieval Tiles and decorative elements for The Lost King, release date 2022.

Garden Design:

For The National Trust & private clients.

Katy Hood Garden Design

Construction / Carpentry

Designed & built a robust shed from scratch from re-purposed wood (partly a Sydney quay), with an irregular-pentagonal baseplate. Home renovations & extension. Green woodworking.

Katy Hood Carpentry Green Woodwork examples

Digital Modelling & Animation:

My own 2d and 3d animated short films, and digital 3d accurate human anatomy for Primal Pictures.

Katy Hood Animation 2d and 3d Modelling examples

Fine Art:

Click Image to see a one page synopsis;

for recent paintings see top menu options above.

Katy Hood Artwork Portfolio
Katy Hood Watercolour seascape footer

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