Hi. I’m an experienced Visual Artist, now making Props. I have a background in 3d Digital Modelling, and Horticulture. 

I’m looking for entry level positions in the Art Departments of Film and High End TV.

Katy Hood Artist Profile Pic B&W

Mood Boards,

Concept Sketches, Research

For Tudor Weapons

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I constructed the Tudor Dagger props in EVA Foam – scroll to bottom of this page to see them on Instagram: @hoodkaty


Katy Hood Mood Board Concept Tudor Weapons
Katy Hood Spaceship Cockpit design to completion


Concept Sketches, Technical Drawing, Model,

Life Size Spaceship Cockpit with faux Metal paint effect.


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My cockpit design was made with Plywood and Perspex with my colleagues: the design evolved as we constructed.


Garden Design and related Graphic Design.

Garden Design, clockwise from top left:

Historic Walled Vegetable Garden planting plan for National Trust, Chartwell (Sir Winston Churchill’s former residence), Kent, UK.

Other garden designs and visualisations;

Photo of a Dye Plant Garden I made for Yalding Organic Gardens;

Info Board made for Syon Park, Middlesex, UK.

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Katy Hood Garden Design Graphic Design, Plant Knowledge, Surveying, Layout
Katy Hood Carpentry Build Shed Green-Woodwork



I built this shed from scratch, on my own.

It’s still solid and watertight!

The baseplate is an irregular pentagon shape, to fit into the corner of the garden, so the design was quite challenging.

I reclaimed doors, other timbers, and sheet metal, to fit it out, and clad it in recycled hardwood (Australian Turpentine) – which used to hold up a quay in Sydney.

I’ve also made furniture from green oak and beech, using only traditional handtools.



Miniature Set: A “Space Canyon”

Design, Concept, and a portion of the finished Set.

“Space Canyon” is constructed from MDF and waste plastic, hand painted and airbrushed.

It is part of a fly-through set for a student film on the UAL (University of the Arts, London) Prop-Making and Set Decorating course.

Katy Hood Animation 2d and 3d Modelling examples

2d Animation


3d Modelling Examples

Left: 2d Animation Short made with Flash;

Right: 3d Modelling with 3ds Max and Houdini. Anatomic Head is example of work I did for Primal Pictures in London, UK.

Katy Hood Artwork Portfolio Watercolour Paintings

My Fine Art Portfolio:

Click above for a 1 page synopsis of my Figure Drawing, Watercolour, Ink, Acrylic and Oil Painting, and 3d Art.

Props Work in Progress:

See my instagram feed below for recent work

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