Hi! I’m an experienced Artist, now working in the Art Departments of the Film & TV industry.

I’ve worked with most physical art media, and have a background in Digital Modelling and Garden Design. See examples below, and CV for contact info.

Katy Hood Architectural Scale Models of Sets 2021

Scale Models

Foamboard models of Sets.

Set Decoration for Classroom Set Cbeebies

Set Decorating

Set Dressing items made for a recent Cbeebies Primary School classroom set.

Props for Cbeebies


Items made for a recent Cbeebies series.

Katy Hood Examples of Draughting for Set Design

Draughting for Set Design

Hand Draughting, and SketchUp and Layout digital Draughting

– I’m enjoying learning the fundamentals of digital draughting at the moment!

Katy Hood Mood Board Concept Tudor Weapons

Research and Mood Boards

I love finding out accurate background information and historic detail to inform my designs.


Realism, designing, making, painting, drawing, ageing..

Katy Hood Props Examples: Edible and EVA Weapons

Edible Props, and EVA Foam Weapons.

Katy Hood Props: Spaceship and Canyon Design and Build

Design and Build:

A full size Spaceship Cockpit, and miniature flyby “Space Canyon” set.

Katy Hood Props: Fake Archaeology Drawings

Fake Technical Drawings:

Archaeology props for a Feature Film release date 2022.

Katy Hood Props: Medieval Tiles and Decoration TLK

Handmade Clay Props:

Medieval Tiles and decorative elements for a Feature Film, release date 2022.

Garden Design:

For The National Trust & private clients.

Katy Hood Garden Design

Construction / Carpentry

Designed & built a robust shed from scratch from re-purposed wood (partly a Sydney quay), with an irregular-pentagonal baseplate. Home renovations & extension. Green woodworking.

Katy Hood Carpentry Green Woodwork examples

Digital Modelling & Animation:

My own 2d and 3d animated short films, and digital 3d accurate human anatomy for Primal Pictures.

Katy Hood Animation 2d and 3d Modelling examples

Fine Art:

Click Image to see a one page synopsis;

for recent paintings see top menu options above.

Katy Hood Artwork Portfolio
Katy Hood Watercolour seascape footer

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