Blue Crescent: Storm Bay




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Blue Crescent: Framed Watercolour & Ink on Archival Board, side view.

Another lovely walk for me, with wonderful views. This view is so simple, it just says: “Sea”, but that is all I wanted to say – I love the deep blue of the very very deep ocean, which is accentuated by this bright sunny day and the crisply clear Australian air – and I wanted to just focus on that. The clarity of the view, the depth of the blue, the freshness of that surf, the simple beauty of the varied plants on the hill where I’m walking.

This piece is painted with permanent acrylic inks and watercolour on an archival board, and protected with a clear matt varnish. It is simply framed in white painted wood, and ready to hang. Image: 25 x 20cm Frame at outside edge: 28.3 x 23.5cm, & 3cm deep.

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