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I thought about naming this painting “Narcissus” [latin for Daffodil] – but Narcissus has it’s own connotations, being named after a mythological greek who couldn’t get enough of his own reflection.  So this woman is the opposite of Narcissus.  This woman managed to maintain a contented smile for the whole time I was drawing her. She’s a lovely person, and looking at my drawing, I felt she looked like a daffodil, in the way that she glows sunshine (Sunshine is stored in daffodils’ bulbs, ready to break out in sunny glory in spring!).  She’s looking sunny daffodils out of her eyes. So I named her the friendly familiar version of Daffodils: “Daffs”.

Drawn and painted in enduring acrylic inks and paint, on a cradled wooden panel, this piece is 49.5 x 39.5cm, and about 1cm deep with a white-painted edge.  Ready to hang.

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