Dawn Sea




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I love to experiment with different mediums, and painting watercolour on canvas is often unpredictable. I’m pleased with the effect in this case – the watercolour has bled well to represent the lowering sky, and the reflections of the clouds in the water – a favourite scene from a morning walk on Phillip Island. The colours are the familiar ones of sea, surf, and sand, and I hope they conjure up the freshness I enjoy when I am there. I love the patterns of the wavelets, and in this case they’ve worked well in ink. The canvas is a strong, traditional support, and I felt it suited the image to keep the drips of the paint on the sides – running like water, since the subject is mainly water. ┬áThis piece is 35.4 x 27.5cm, and 2cm deep. It is protected with quality clear, matt varnish, and ready to hang.

Dawn Sea, Watercolour & Pen on Canvas, left sideDawn Sea, Watercolour & Pen on Canvas, right side

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