I love to go on early morning walks, and in some areas near me the morning sun catches young eucalypts in such a gorgeous way.  The leaves become translucent as the sun shines through them and accentuates their rounded forms by throwing shadows on other leaves.  I have been given a brief to create monochrome work for an exhibition [At The Vines, Diamond Creek VIC Australia. 1 Oct – 30th Nov 2018] and I have found it a very good discipline, to focus on just the forms and the light and shade patterns.

Eucalyptus in the Morning Sun Painting and Drawing Silverpoint and Acrylic Ink on Watercolour Paper

The above is the image before framing.  It is painted with lightfast acrylic ink on robust Fabriano watercolour paper.  It is framed in a black frame made of wood and glazed with glass. The dimensions of the frame are in imperial!: 12 x 16 inches, which is about 30.5 x 40.5 cm, and 2.2cm deep. Ready to hang.

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