I am so pleased with how this painting has turned out now that it is framed!  The frame suits it well, as it is made of Eucalyptus wood (Tassie Oak), and I like how the frame has transformed the painting into a robust three dimensional artwork.  Sometimes, simplicity works best, and while I experimented with painting the shadows and background of this sprig, in the end I much prefer this simple image.  It focuses the eye on the elegant forms and interesting colours of the eucalypt.  Eucalyptus is such a well-loved tree here.

Eucalyptus Sprig Painting Acrylic Ink and Gouache on board Framed

I love the fresh look of the piece; I like it so much that it WAS on the wall in my bedroom, which is a very good recommendation from me!

Drawn with silverpoint and painted in acrylic inks and gouache, on a reinforced mdf panel, this piece is 34.5 x 26 cm including frame, which is about 4cm deep.  Ready to hang.

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