Golden Boy I


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This is the first “Golden Boy” in a series of three.  This series began as a concept, with my observations of White Male Privilege (these men are ordinary guys who don’t realise that so much of what they achieve is because they already have the best advantages), but as I painted they became something that I feel more strongly: a celebration of maleness.  I have sons, a husband, father, brothers, male cousins, uncles, male friends, male family friends.. and many men who are no longer with us who have influenced me positively and there is so much to celebrate.

I drew each of these men from life, I then mixed metallic gold paint with a variety of colours to get some really interesting hues and effects, this I painted as loosely as I could over my drawing.  I then tidied up the edges, and added the expressive outlines in acrylic paint.  The background is painted in fairly thick oil paint, giving a great three-dimensionality.  This painting is the only one where I have included words in the background, the words are not all legible as there are many layers, but they represent some ideas of all the things that this man, this Golden Boy, can do, all the choices he could make.  I know that life is far from easy for many White Males, but he may find that he can choose to do many of these things more easily than others; examples in this image are: advocate, articulate, silence, journey, tell, show, direct, lead, stand, wonder..

Golden Boy I is painted in professional quality Acrylic and Oil Paint on quality Canvas, dimensions: 84 x 45 cm

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