Marbled Xenica Phillip Island


A personal favourite of my Butterfly Paintings.  This is a view I was amazed to see in my first couple of years in Australia, a plucky butterfly – they are stronger than they look! – fluttering determinedly in blustery weather on Philllip Island.  I have often seen this view, as the dunes along the beach are abundant with flora which support this native butterfly, the Marbled Xenica.  It was an excellent way for me to start exploring this country, following this butterfly to get a closer look.  I have spent many happy hours walking this beach in all weathers and observing, and painting, the extraordinary changes that the varied weather brings to the land and seascape as it rolls in.

Painted on canvas fixed to artist’s board, supported and elegantly framed in a dark slim wooden box frame, dimensions: 48 x 37 cm, 5 cm deep.

Side view of Oil Painting Marbled Zenica Phillip Island   Close Up View of Marbled Xenica Phillip Island

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