More native Australian plants, and more favourites!  In the very early spring, this native Clematis (Clematis microphylla) smothers many wild plants, temporarily, in tiny aromatic blooms.  They are so subtle but they make such a difference, on sunny days and on grey days, the scent hangs in the air and colours my walks.  It grows over anything but I particularly like the combination of the Clematis with the ubiquitous Eucalyptus.  And because I wanted to feel warm I combined the plants with my favourite warm colours – to good effect I think!  Winifred Nicholson said “Colour is one of the surest ways of expressing joy” and she described what she felt when she put two colours together and they seem to “Sing”!  I agree, that’s what I felt when painting this piece.

Drawn with silverpoint and painted in acrylic inks, on a reinforced mdf panel, this piece is 30.7 x 43cm, and about 1cm deep with a white-painted edge.  Ready to hang.

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