This man is growing a family.  He feels burdened by being the support for all the people that rely on him in the hothouse environment of family life.  This is something I see in my husband (for example), but he tells me that while he is using up most of his energy producing this new growth, and it appears to be draining, he is producing new “potatoes”: growing the next generation, who will feed the next, and so on, and so it is good.  Which is a good perspective. This man is prostrated almost in a yoga “Child’s Pose”, humbled by his part in the circle of life – he is feeding a family but he has also been a child himself, fed by his potato man father ..

Permanent acrylic ink and paint on a cradled wooden board, protected with invisible matt varnish. The sides are painted white and it is ready to hang.  Dimensions: 62 x 45 cm

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