Sheltered Rock Pool, Berrys Beach




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Sheltered Rock Pool, Berrys Beach. Framed Watercolour on 100% cotton watercolour paper, side view.

This is a fun one. It’s one of my favourite places to paint; and I’ve expressed this in the loose, happy drawing style – this is how I naturally draw quickly – and the simple colours. I hope you can see the confident mark-making in the close-up. As I paint, I’m loving what the watercolour does: I’m echoing the shape of the rocks with the brush strokes, and some drawing is exposed, and some covered, by the semi-translucent paint. The dominant force is of course the ever-present sea, currently in the background, though it is rushing quickly in. At the moment this rock pool is calm and protected by those sheltering rocks, it will soon be submerged, and change from being its own entity, to being a small dip in the seabed. And then the tide rolls out again, and the process repeats, but the pool is always a bit changed by the submergence. Like that rounded cliff beyond it, it is very subtly changed everyday.

Painted in watercolours and quality artist’s pencil, on 100% cotton watercolour paper, the image is 51 x 24.5cm. It is protected in a glazed natural Tassie Oak frame, which measures 70 x 54cm, and is 2cm deep. It’s ready to hang.

Please note that this piece is glazed with standard picture glass. If possible, the safest way to deliver it to you is in person, so contact me to see if we can arrange this. If it is not possible, I will do everything I can to protect the glass in transit, but there is a chance it could crack and would have to be replaced. To give you some idea, this size piece of glass cost about AUD$40.

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