Sunset, Golden Sea




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Sunset, Golden Sea. Watercolour & Artist's Pencil on Watercolour Paper, Framed, side view

I saw this amazing view when I got out to the beach one cloudy evening. It was so still, the setting sun turned the sea golden as it sank. I love the varied plant-life which thrives on the protected dunes here, near Red Rocks beach on Phillip Island. Quality artist’s pencil provides an ideal medium to recreate the many textures and hues.

Painted and drawn with watercolour paint and pencil, on quality watercolour paper, the image is 31 x 19.5cm. It is protected in a glazed frame, made from Tasmanian Oak, which measures 43 x 34cm at the outside edge, and is 2cm deep.

Please note that this piece is glazed with standard picture glass. If possible, the safest way to deliver it to you is in person, so contact me to see if we can arrange this. If it is not possible, I will do everything I can to protect the glass in transit, but there is a chance it could crack and would have to be replaced. To give you some idea, this size piece of glass cost about AUD$10.

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