Surf and Shallows, Berrys Beach




Surf and Shallows, Berrys Beach. Framed Watercolour on Paper.

Another favourite, I’m pleased with how this turned out.  I love what watercolour will do, if I can set it off, and then leave it alone, to do its thing – knowing when to stop is often the challenging part. It’s fun to paint water with watercolour, it acts appropriately. This is Berrys Beach (no apostrophe on the map..), and I could easily paint all the time here. It is gorgeous. Often empty, often windy, and sunny (since it’s Australia!), varied terrain, and because the beach is a very shallow gradient, the tide whips in and out, changing the landscape constantly.  I particularly like this stage, where the sea is crashing beyond the protecting rocks, and the clear shallow water on the beach is shimmering in the wind and sun.

This is painted in watercolour on quality watercolour paper, the image is 24 x 50.5cm. It’s protected in a glazed natural Tassie Oak frame, which is 69.5 x 54cm, x 2cm deep. Ready to hang.

Please note that this piece is glazed with standard picture glass. If possible, the safest way to deliver it to you is in person, so contact me to see if we can arrange this. If it is not possible, I will do everything I can to protect the glass in transit, but there is a chance it could crack and would have to be replaced. To give you some idea, this size piece of glass cost about AUD$40.

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