Thaw, Reds


I enjoyed playing with the autumnal colours in this piece; this is the last available, in a series of four.  The reds and oranges work really well together, and with their compliment, the blues.  This is a small and simple painting, but it has a warm glow and would light up a small space on your wall.  It’s a painting of my experience of walking, with my young son asleep in his pram, after a really cold spell, and just marvelling at the warmth of the first sun, and the sparkling in the drips as it melts the frost, sent down in showers when birds fled alarmed into the air.

Quality watercolour on professional quality paper, ready to hang in a simple wood frame, framed dimensions: 27 cm wide x 26 cm tall.Framed Watercolour: Thaw Reds

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