The Balancing Act


Oil and Acrylic Painting Balancing ActA fun image with a poignant theme: many of us who are in relationships and/or parents have to perform this precarious balancing act everyday!  We might not always be as poised as these two: today they are balanced and in harmony.  I would say though that the man is almost oblivious to what he is holding up, he’s rather nonchalant, not appreciating what (or who) relies on him.  The woman maintains a serene “tree-pose” – a hard one to master, and she is probably working at least twice as hard to stay up there! (Discuss!)

I have been successfully becoming more gestural and expressive in my use of paint, in order to demonstrate the beauty of the mediums and the exuberance I feel at being able to express myself this way.  The figures are painted in vibrant permanent acrylic inks, and the marks surrounding them are oil paint, which has a great three-dimensional quality.  Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 152 x 30 cm

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