Tortoiseshell Butterfly and Beach Bits


The “Beach Bits” come from the shore of Dundee in Scotland, where my sister graduated, the butterfly was in my garden in Oxford.  I would never kill an animal, or insect (actually I have killed some mosquitoes, maybe a few flies if I’m honest..) but I am quite glad when interesting ones come to die in my vicinity.  This Small Tortoiseshell is as good as alive (I couldn’t draw it if it was alive – one of their defence tricks is evasion, the erratic flight which birds can’t keep up with), and now it is immortalised!  A favourite of every child growing up in Britain, possibly Europe, even if they don’t know its name, it’s the archetypal butterfly.  In fact I think I called it a Red Admiral for most of my life.  This piece is drawn with Artists’ quality pencil on cartridge paper – please note that the paper has buckled a little – hardly noticeable, you may be able to see it in the picture below, I think it adds to the authenticity: this is a real drawing, and I wouldn’t list it here if it didn’t look good.  I’ve monitored it for a few years and it’s not going to do anymore buckling. Ready framed, total dimensions: 30 x 25.5 cm

Framed Drawing: Tortoiseshell Butterfly and Beach Bits

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