Gosh I love the effect of sun on objects in my studio.  I was doing something else when I noticed the sun spotlighting this violet plant sitting in water, I had to stop and paint it, or at least, draw it, before the light changed.  Over the couple of days where I filled in the colour – using a photograph for reference as this light is transitory – the violet grew roots, and I’ve planted it out near the compost heap now, where it is very happy.

I love to draw things as they are: after I tried out a colour test for this piece I popped it on the window sill, so I painted that too; I’ve painted the pomegranate before: it’s still not ripe despite sitting in the sun for some time..

Drawn with silverpoint and painted in acrylic inks, on a reinforced mdf panel, this piece is 30.7 x 43cm, and about 1cm deep with a white-painted edge.  Ready to hang.

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